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April - Free Webinars - Washing Wisdom - Dishes to Clothes Facts, Myths & Future

April - Free Webinars - Washing Wisdom - Dishes to Clothes Facts, Myths & Future

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Washing Wisdom – Dishes to Clothes Facts, Myths and Future

Sponsored by:

Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, CLIPP – Owner/Principal – Timeless Kitchen Design

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 –12:00-1:00pm ET

.1 CEU

To register, create an account. Registration closes 2 hours before event begins.

Dishwashers and washing machines are an essential and integral part of our lives. Human nature often defaults on how we’ve done things, how our parents and grandparents did things. Myths are handed down generation to generation even though technology has changed, and our appliances have gotten more efficient. Most of us want the newest and the best but only use what we’re familiar with, often times utilizing only 10% of what our devices and appliances are actually capable of doing. How many of you just wash everything on the “normal” cycle?

These appliances have come a long way since our grandparent’s generation and we’re at a crucial tipping point where change is happening at a rapid pace! Sustainability is driving much of this change due to their energy and water consumption, however, Universal Design, Wellness and Technology are equally impacting the conversation as well.

At the end of this session you will:

  • Explain where we’ve come from, debunk myths, and review current statistics and glimpse the future.
  • Remember the basics and go deeper into how these appliances work and how to integrate them in a home design that is focused on Universal Design, Wellness and/or a Smart Home.
  • Identify the impact these appliances have on our environment and how we can be more sustainable with their use, suggesting new products and detergents available in the market.

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