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November - Free Webinars

For the month of November, NKBA is featuring Design Software as part of our free webinar series and thanks to our sponsor this month, Geberit!

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Join us for engaging content with some of the industry's top presenters.

Upcoming December webinars:

Transform, Satisfy & Inspire: Trends in Kitchen Design-12-2-2019 @ 12:00pm ET

The Disappearing Kitchen-12-3-2019 @ 3:00pm ET

Manmade Material-12-5-2019 @ 3:00pm ET

Capture, Create, Collaborate-Improve Your Customer Experience Through Innovative Technology-12-10-2019 @ 12:00pm ET

Modern Waterproofing, Linear Drains and Time Savings-12-12-2019 @ 12:00pm ET

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