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June - Free Webinars - Color Cues - Color's Influence in Our Lives

June - Free Webinars - Color Cues - Color's Influence in Our Lives

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Color Cues – Color’s Influence in Our Lives

Sponsored by:

Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, CLIPP – Owner – Timeless Kitchen Design

Thursday, June 25, 2020 – 12:00-1:00pm ET

.1 CEU

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Most of us have sat through many Color 101 classes and many annual trend reports on color. You likely have a basic understanding of hues, tints, shades, and complementary or tertiary color palettes along with what this year’s color of the year is. We’re going to go beyond Color 101 and delve into how color influences nearly everything in our lives so we can become aware of how to use color to support a sense of well-being and joy in our environments.

We’ll take a journey through commercial, product, fashion and digital marketing’s use of color as we begin to understand how color influences our decisions, feelings and choices. We’ll then translate that into our homes and understand the use of architectural color and paint products.

Did you know that every paint company uses the same colorant tints? How well do you understand full spectrum paints, metamerism, how to use color to create illusions of height and space, to minimize architectural details, creating an intimacy in a space, how to use color to increase appetites or create a sense of calm for a hyper child. In addition, we’ll discuss how the use of color can aid Universal Design and Wellness Design in our homes and in our client’s homes.

Join Paula Kennedy, CMKBD, CLIPP, a CACC (Certified Architectural Color Consultant) and an NKBA Color Badge subject matter expert (SME) for this lively presentation.

At the end of this session you will:

  • Recognize industry research, consumer habits and needs.
  • Define color use within the concepts of Universal Design and Wellness Design.
  • Discover architectural paint products and how to specify them more effectively.