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NKBA Bathroom Technology Awareness and Usage Report

NKBA Bathroom Technology Awareness and Usage Report

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NKBA’s Bathroom Technology Study surveyed 206 NKBA designers, 47 technology integrators and 301 consumers who are in the process of planning a bathroom remodel.  The purpose of the research was to understand why there is a significant gap between the bathroom technology that is available and the technology that consumers currently have in their master bathrooms, and to identify measures that can be taken to close the gap.

In addition to determining how knowledgeable designers are about bathroom tech solutions, this research reveals the percentage of designers who are currently recommending bathroom technology to their clients as well as the percentage who are actually integrating technology in their bathroom designs.  This survey also identifies the role that integrators are currently playing in integrating technology into remodeled bathrooms.

In terms of consumers, this study measures how knowledgeable homeowners are about bathroom technology and how interested they are in having a technology-friendly bathroom.  In addition to profiling the consumers who are most likely to integrate technology in their bathrooms, this research also identifies the barriers preventing all consumers from integrating more technology into their remodeled bathrooms.

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