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NKBA Outdoor Kitchen Profile Executive Summary

NKBA Outdoor Kitchen Profile Executive Summary

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NKBA Outdoor Kitchen Profile Executive Summary

NKBA members are eligible to receive this report free.  To request a copy of the NKBA Outdoor Kitchen Profile Executive Summary, please contact the Member Relations team at 1-(800)-THE-NKBA.

NKBA’s Outdoor Kitchen Profile Study surveyed 303 consumers who either built an outdoor kitchen in the past three years or who are in the process of planning or building an outdoor kitchen.  The purpose of the research was to educate designers and manufacturers on the outdoor kitchen market and provide a profile of U.S. homeowners needs, preferences and usage of outdoor kitchens.

In addition to estimating the size of the U.S. outdoor kitchen market, this report leaves no stone unturned when exploring the shopping and purchase behaviors of homeowners with outdoor kitchens, the products and materials they selected for this space, the professionals they used to design/install this kitchen, how much they spent on the project, which financing methods they used, and much more.

Note:  For purposes of this research, NKBA defined an outdoor kitchen as having a grill, refrigerator and at least one of the following: cabinets, countertop, sink, dishwasher, ice maker, fireplace or pizza oven.

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