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NKBA Workforce Development Executive Summary

NKBA Workforce Development Executive Summary

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NKBA members are eligible to receive this report free.  To request a copy of the NKBA Workforce Development Executive Summary, please contact the Member Relations team at 1-(800)-THE-NKBA.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association conducted this study to examine the labor challenges facing its members and the industry as a whole, and to identify where the association and its membership should expend time, effort and money to improve workforce flow and quality.

Based on input from 374 NKBA members, this Workforce Development Study found that a shortage of professionals in both design and the trades is having a significant impact on the kitchen and bath industry.  In addition to impacting hiring, these labor shortages are affecting start and completion dates of projects, and the cost of construction and renovation projects.

In addition to quantifying how many NKBA members are experiencing recruiting/ hiring difficulties, the report also identifies which positions which are the most difficult to fill, which recruitment/ retainment strategies are the most effective, and much more.

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