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November - Free Webinars - Impress Your Client While Designing Smarter and Faster

November - Free Webinars - Impress Your Client While Designing Smarter and Faster

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Impress Your Client While Designing Smarter and Faster

Sponsored by:

Kimberly Oliver – 2020 Trainer – 2020 Spaces

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 – 12:00-1:00pm ET

.1 CEU

To register, create an account. Registration closes 2 hours before event begins.

Using a design software will change the way you work and how you communicate with your clients.  In the days of pencil and paper drawing, showing your client different options or designs meant hours and hours of tedious work. With a design software you can try multiple designs or make changes quickly while automatically generating perspective views that will allow you to give your client the immediate understanding, they need to communicate with you, making their decisions faster and easier than ever before!

While you’re busy creating the design and photo-realistic renderings, the design software can be working right beside you with the built-in pricing that makes it easy for you to provide clients with accurate project estimates. Order lists are created as you design and already built and ready to send to your vendors, saving you more time. With minimal effort you’re even able to print plans with all the information your installers and sub-contractors will need.

Let’s explore the ways a design software can help you to impress your clients while helping you design smarter and faster!

At the end of this session you will:

  • Create renderings to include client’s manufacturer specific selections, textures and lighting effects to assist your client with seeing their finished project, make changes and close projects faster.
  •  Apply quick changes to the design renderings, trying multiple designs that update in real-time, allowing your client to make decisions quickly.
  • Generate renderings, built in pricing and order lists for vendors, and working drawings for installers and sub-contractors with your #1 assistant, the design software.