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October - Free Webinars - Winning Cabinetry Storage through Best Practices

October - Free Webinars - Winning Cabinetry Storage through Best Practices

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Winning Cabinetry Storage through Best Practices

Sarah Reep – Director, Designer Relations & Education – Masco Cabinetry

Kristi Hodson – Senior Manager, Design, Trends & Innovation – Masco Cabinetry

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 – 12:00-1:00pm EDT

.1 CEU

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Do you wish your kitchen designs included more storage solutions? Do you wonder how you can sell more storage solutions to increase your overall sale price, so you provide fewer designs at a better overall price? Do you want to be known as a great designer who creates designs that are meaningful and personalized to homeowners? 

This webinar will provide a well-organized, thoughtful approach to best practices in winning kitchen design’s storage solutions. Learn important research reasons why storage is an important aspect of kitchen design that should always be addressed to ensure your design process and end results elevates you above your competition. Learn how to naturally present storage options by kitchen design zones to end up with a personalized kitchen that better supports your homeowner, making your kitchen designs hard to resist. While also learning key ways to present storage solution options so your homeowners stay open to completing your designs as you intend, vs focusing on the lowest price only.

This session will include multiple research validation points, case studies and selling strategies for a holistic view on designing, selling and winning the storage solutions for your kitchen designs. Ensure that you have a happy homeowner with your design, and they refer you as their designer!

At the end of this session you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of kitchen research findings related to kitchen design, its homeowners, designers and storage preferences; to determine your own design and selling storage strategies.
  •  Learn about storage solutions by kitchen zones to increase your homeowner’s satisfaction with your design skills, while improving your total sale price.
  • Learn selling techniques for increasing storage solutions in your kitchen designs, so your homeowners have a kitchen design personalized to how they live, and thus recommend you as their designer of choice.