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September - Free Webinars - Taking Control of the Bath

September - Free Webinars - Taking Control of the Bath

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Sponsored by Geberit

Taking Control of the Bath

Steve Hoffacker, CAPS – Owner – Steve Hoffacker, LLC

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 – 12:00-1:00pm EDT

.1 CEU

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Bathrooms, along with kitchens, add sizzle to a home. Whenever someone looks at a home (new or existing) online or in-person, or discusses homes with family members, real estate professionals, builders, contractors, or friends, the bath is a frequent topic of conversation.

 When people look at homes - for entertainment purposes or with the thought of improving what they have or possibly moving, the bath and kitchen receive the most attention. Unlike the kitchen where there are hot items being prepared, potentially heavy objects that can be dropped, and sharp surfaces (especially knives), the bathroom still accounts for the most injuries in the home.

Planning the bath for optimum function, for occupants of the home as well as casual visitors or overnight house guests, is essential for avoiding as many accidents as possible. People are human, and accidents are going to happen, but we can minimize them. Taking control of the bath is about just that - eliminating potentially dangerous areas. This includes shiny surfaces that can reflect light or create glare and cause people to make mistakes based on their visual perception of what is going on around them. Easy access to the main fixtures in the bath is key also to safety and function.

We'll examine areas of the bath that can accommodate a wide range of users and that can be added to existing baths or included in new construction design or remodeling makeovers. Safety is in the design as much as in how people use their space. Let's give them a chance to be safe.

At the end of this session you will:

  •  Explain why there are more injuries that occur in the bathroom, the reason behind it and offer a preventive cure.
  •  Discover ways to provide full accessibility in a bathroom design no matter what size.
  •  Develop a bathroom design solution that incorporates the three dedicated elements of a bath and includes full provisions for the limited number of functions to perform.